The RISE #1 on ComiXology!



The RISE #1 is now available on ComiXology! The first installment of the adventures of the Apex Division can now be purchased digitally at the link below! Check it out in Guided View, where you can see each of Ryan Winn’s glorious panels one at a time. Tell your friends! Help us out with a 5-star rating, if so inclined! And fret not – issue #2 is in production as we speak. More news on that soon!

Also, thanks to the Bearded Bards who reviewed The RISE on their sweet blog! They’ve got a lot of cool stuff going on over there, a lot of which centers around the art of writing and deconstruction of media. I know I’m going to be spending a lot of time on this site, as there’s a lot to offer.

Aim True!

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  1. Reviewing The RISE was well worth it. It’s an awesome comic and I look forward to reading the next issue! Thanks for stopping by Bearded Bards!

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