Tartar Sauce

The Ridiculousness is all here!

Fellow web-travelers, this is Tartar Sauce. A comic strip that ran in SMU’s Daily Campus newspaper for almost 4 years. I wrote and drew it throughout my college career, with very little regard for what I was doing. Please enjoy it from its predictable, off-model beginnings to the anti-climactic non-ending that I am currently working on finishing.

The strips are all organized by story arc for your reading enjoyment.  Have fun!

The Beginning

Everybody Loves Liz

Psi Phi

Nemesis/Making Comics

Matt’s Girlfriend

Brick Leia

Mail Fraud

Ivan & Piotr the Huge Bird

Stripping & The Internet

Change of Heart

The Beginning of The End (Part 1)

The Beginning of The End (Part 2)

Lost and Found

The End of The End