TV: #92-96

Here begins a new theme: Iconic television characters. First on the list are Al Bundy, Alex P. Keaton, BA Barracus, Beverly Goldberg and Bull. This theme is going to be far from complete, as there are so many incredible characters to choose from. I’ll definitely have to come back to these at some point.


Musicians #87-90

More iconic singers and musicians in this last group of portraits.


Musicians #73-77

I really enjoyed doing portraits of musicians (primarily singers). It was a nice break from the film/tv stuff that I do most. I’ll definitely get back to it at some point. Varying my style up per subject also keeps me interested in what I’m doing, though part of me longs for an immediately identifiable aesthetic. (Maybe I have one, but am too close to see it.)


What? You Went Over My Helmet?

72: Dark Helmet. Rick Moranis in Spaceballs had so many great lines and moments and performances, it’s almost stifling to write about them all. There was a period of time where this movie was in more constant viewing rotation at my house than Star Wars itself. It’s my favorite of Mel Brooks’ films, but some of that may be nostalgia. One thing is for certain: I miss Rick Moranis.