What? You Went Over My Helmet?

Dark Helmet Spaceballs

72: Dark Helmet. Rick Moranis in Spaceballs had so many great lines and moments and performances, it’s almost stifling to write about them all. There was a period of time where this movie was in more constant viewing rotation at my house than Star Wars itself. It’s my favorite of Mel Brooks’ films, but some of that may be nostalgia. One thing is for certain: I miss Rick Moranis.

This Chick is Toast!

Gozer Ghostbusters

71: Gozer the Gozerian. I remember seeing Ghostbusters in the theater when I was a kid. It scared me, but was hilarious, and I LOVED it. (Still do.) When we got home, I made my dad call the Ghostbusters hotline number on the phone. Pretty sure I got an Operator message, but it was still pretty cool. Narratively, it’s quite a feat that the major villain in the movie is only talked about a couple of times before she appears, and even then it’s only for about 4 minutes of screen time toward the end. And she still makes quite an impression.

End Of Line.

Sark Tron Dillinger#69: Sark. The Game Grid persona of Dillinger, Sark was the bad guy lackey to the major threat of Tron, The Master Control Program. The genius of the original Tron wasn’t in its use of early computer animation, or even its amazing design style and incredible rotoscoping techniques. It was the way that what could’ve been simply a fun, Disney romp was actually a story of religious persecution and discussion of humanity’s relationship with our creator/s. Also, people throw laser Frisbees at each other.



Zeus No Holds Barred Hulk Hogan

#67: Zeus. No Holds Barred is not a good movie. That said, there was a time that I devoured everything WWF, and Hulk Hogan was my absolute hero. Zeus was a great villain for him, and Tom “Tiny” Lister’s portrayal was terrifying, even if he didn’t really talk much. I was stoked that he made appearances in the ring after the movie was released, and highly amused by his turn as the President of Earth in The Fifth Element.

I Am More Than Man, More Than Life… I Am A GOD!

Skeletor Masters of the Universe

#65: Skeletor. From the film, Masters of the Universe, Frank Langella’s portrayal of Skeletor was a bright spot in this largely forgettable film that I loved as a kid. He-Man and the Masters of the Universe was one of my very favorite cartoons, and while I did enjoy the movie, it was not nearly as faithful to the source material as I would have liked. Even at a young age, I clearly had the soul of an internet commenter. This reimagining of Skeletor was still effective, however, regardless of the lack of the nasally, high voice and the fact that he wasn’t just a floating, hooded skull with a massively ripped body.