I Am More Than Man, More Than Life… I Am A GOD!

#65: Skeletor. From the film, Masters of the Universe, Frank Langella’s portrayal of Skeletor was a bright spot in this largely forgettable film that I loved as a kid. He-Man and the Masters of the Universe was one of my very favorite cartoons, and while I did enjoy the movie, it was not nearly as faithful to the source material as I would have liked. Even at a young age, I clearly had the soul of an internet commenter. This reimagining of Skeletor was still effective, however, regardless of the lack of the nasally, high voice and the fact that he wasn’t just a floating, hooded skull with a massively ripped body.


The Last Starfighter Is Dead

Day 64: Xur. A Rylan, having betrayed The Star League and his father, Enduran, Xur took command of the Kodan Armada, intending to become the Emperor of Rylos. He escaped mutiny and the destruction of the Kodan Command Ship before it crashed into Galan, a moon of Rylos.

(Thanks to The Last Starfighter wiki for existing.)


Tears In Rain

Day 61: Roy Batty. There’s some disagreement over whether Rutger Hauer’s replicant character from Blade Runner is actually a villain, as his quest is at heart, one meant to right the wrongs that have been done to his kind. The existential questions of humanity, mortality and morality are intrinsic to the character, and the argument could be made that his actions are justifiable. That said, he’s a killer robot. So: villain.


Wait’ll They Get A Load Of Me

Day 58: The Joker. I loved this movie SO MUCH. Doing my part to aid in the spread of Batmania in 1989, I think I saw it 3 times in the theater that Summer. Looking back, the gritty realism has morphed into a retro-styled comic-book movie that I think still holds up. Although now I don’t care for the idea of the Joker having a flesh-out backstory, it still works, and was definitely among Jack Nicholson’s greatest performances.


Put Him In A Bodybag, Johnny!

Day 57: Johnny Lawrence. There are evil villains, and there are just super punchable assholes. Johnny Lawrence from The Karate Kid is the latter. And even though this dude terrorizes Daniel-san throughout the whole story, the movie tries to humanize him somewhat at the end, by having his sensei be even more strangely relentless against a teenager. But we all know the truth. Johnny and Daniel weren’t going to be friends after this, especially after getting a big ol’ crane kick to the face.