Is That Bad?

Dooneese Maharelle Kristen Wiig

Day 47: Dooneese Maharelle. I guess I didn’t know this character’s name before doing this picture. I thought it was Judith. My wife thought it was Eunice. We were clearly both wrong, but then so is this Kristen Wiig character. She’s played so many great ones, it was hard to choose a favorite.

This Place Has Everything…

Stefon Bill Hader

Day 46: Stefon. New York’s hottest club is Selfie. Based on the novel Push by Sapphire, club promoter Joseph Gordon Fisherman opened a Soho hotspot in a haunted diaper. This place has everything: chutes, ladders, the outdoor concert from a Zoloft commercial and human fanny packs. It’s that thing of when a midget hangs around your waist and holds your passport in his mouth.