What? You Went Over My Helmet?

72: Dark Helmet. Rick Moranis in Spaceballs had so many great lines and moments and performances, it’s almost stifling to write about them all. There was a period of time where this movie was in more constant viewing rotation at my house than Star Wars itself. It’s my favorite of Mel Brooks’ films, but some of that may be nostalgia. One thing is for certain: I miss Rick Moranis.


This Place Has Everything…

Day 46: Stefon.┬áNew York’s hottest club is Selfie. Based on the novel Push by Sapphire, club promoter Joseph Gordon Fisherman opened a Soho hotspot in a haunted diaper. This place has everything: chutes, ladders, the outdoor concert from a Zoloft commercial and human fanny packs. It’s that thing of when a midget hangs around your waist and holds your passport in his mouth.


What Up With That?


Day 45: Diondre Cole, host of What Up With That? Played by Kenan Thompson, who is absolutely one of my favorite cast members. There are so many absurd pieces in this sketch, but I think my favorite will always be Jason Sudeikis dancing in the background in his red tracksuit.


It’s Official…

Day 43: Debbie Downer. Again, not having seen a ton of SNL when it was airing during this period, I missed out on some great characters. I’ve since gone back to watch some old Debbie Downers, though, and they are hilarious. Her obsession with feline AIDS, mixed with the fact that the actors had such a tough time keeping straight faces make this another iconic character.


Daily Art: Days 16 – 20

The fourth batch of Star Wars art. I liked the Max Rebo Band poster a lot in this series. But I’m also pleased to have started the Force-Choke series. Once I come back to Star Wars, I’ll have to add Admiral Motti and Director Krennic to the list.