Wait’ll They Get A Load Of Me

Day 58: The Joker. I loved this movie SO MUCH. Doing my part to aid in the spread of Batmania in 1989, I think I saw it 3 times in the theater that Summer. Looking back, the gritty realism has morphed into a retro-styled comic-book movie that I think still holds up. Although now I don’t care for the idea of the Joker having a flesh-out backstory, it still works, and was definitely among Jack Nicholson’s greatest performances.


Put Him In A Bodybag, Johnny!

Day 57: Johnny Lawrence. There are evil villains, and there are just super punchable assholes. Johnny Lawrence from The Karate Kid is the latter. And even though this dude terrorizes Daniel-san throughout the whole story, the movie tries to humanize him somewhat at the end, by having his sensei be even more strangely relentless against a teenager. But we all know the truth. Johnny and Daniel weren’t going to be friends after this, especially after getting a big ol’ crane kick to the face.